Housing Authorities in Hawaii

Here's a list of Housing Authorities in Hawaii. Please locate a HA in your area and give them a call during normal business hours, or visit their website, to get more information on how to apply for Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8) with them.

HA Code PHA Name, Phone & Fax Number Address Type
HI002 Hawaii County
Phone: (808)959-4642
Fax: (808)959-9308
50 Wailuku Drive
HI 96720
Section 8
HI901 Hawaii Public Housing Authority
Phone: (808)832-6040
Fax: (808)832-3461
1002 North School Street
HI 96817
Section 8
HI003 City And County of Honolulu
Phone: (808)768-7096
Fax: (808)768-7039
842 Bethel St. 1st Flr
HI 96813
Section 8
HI001 Hawaii Public Housing Authority
Phone: (808)832-5961
Fax: (808)832-5964
1002 N. School Street
HI 96817
HI005 Kauai County
Phone: (808)241-4440
Fax: (808)241-5119
Kauai County Housing Agency
4444 Rice Street, Suite 330
HI 96766
Section 8
HI004 Maui County
Phone: (808)270-7751
Fax: (808)270-7829
35 Lunalilo Street
Suite 400
HI 96793
Section 8

What Does Type Mean? It indicates the type of program the PHA administers. If it says "Both", that means the PHA administers both the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program and other Low-rent programs

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