Section 8 Rent Assistance Registration: Apply for a Housing Choice Voucher Waiting List Now

New waitlist opening alert in the state of WI! View all details below now…


Voucher Waitlist OPEN Times

The waiting list opened on July 23, 2015  (at 12:01a.m.) and will close on July 31, 2015 (at 11:59p.m.)

Voucher Waitlist Application Information

From the Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee’s website:

“To complete the registration, you will need the following pieces of information for the Head of Household:

– First and Last Name
– Social Security Number
– Date of Birth (must be 18 years of age or older)
– Mailing Address
– Phone number (including area code)
– Email Address (not required)*



“Persons that do not have access to a computer, the internet or have special needs, may apply and receive staff assistance (including Spanish-speaking) at the following sites Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. during the registration period.”

“Registrants requiring a reasonable accommodation to complete a registration may call 414-286-5645 to have a staff member register on your behalf. If you register by this method and are selected in the random lottery, you will be mailed a Pre-Application Form along with a Reasonable Accommodation Form to verify your need for the accommodation. This verification form requires completing by a Doctor or Medical Professional and would have to be submitted to the Rent Assistance Program with the Pre-Application. Undocumented Reasonable Accommodation Pre-Applications will not be accepted for placement on the waiting list.
An example of a Reasonable Accommodation would be: you have a disability and are medically confined, can’t leave your home/hospital, and there is no one else with access to a computer, smart phone, etc. that can register on your behalf. If you are selected in the random lottery, verification will be required from a doctor or medical professional.”

“After July 31st, a random lottery of 3,000 registrants will be conducted to determine those registrants that will be eligible to complete a pre-application and this lottery will also determine their rank on the waiting list. Directions to complete a pre-application will be emailed/mailed to those selected in the lottery. The information of all other registrants will be destroyed.

Since this is a lottery-based waiting list, there is NO advantage to submitting a registration on the first day. Applying early will not improve your chances of being selected for the lottery. All households will have the same chance of being selected through lottery regardless of when they apply during the registration period.”

For more information and to access the online application link, please click here (scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Click to Register”)

Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee Contact Info

809 North Broadway

Milwaukee, WI

(414) 286-5678