Government Grants, Loans and Other Government Assistance Options For Individuals

Does The Government Hand Out Free Money?

While getting “free money” from the government for almost any reason sounds appealing, the rumors are not true, and the government does not just give away grants or free money for no reason! Quite often non-profit organizations or local governments are the ones who receive grants and they use the funds to run local assistance programs, so it may be challenging for an individual to qualify for a federal grant (but not impossible)! If you’re interested in receiving financial assistance from the government, you will have to meet specific eligibility requirements and submit an application.

Also, if you’re interested in financial aid, don’t forget the critical differences between a grant and a loan. A grant, unlike a loan, does not need to be paid back! While a loan always needs to be paid back, and often comes with strings attached (interest)!


There is also quite a bit of information on in regards to available grants and loans along with contact information for agencies behind them.

Check Out the Following Great Resources – If you’re an individual looking for a government grant or a loan, this is a great resource. Fill out a questionnaire (completely confidential) and get a list of different programs & opportunities that may pertain to your particular situation. – Great resource that assists organizations as well as states interested in grants. – If you’re an individual looking for government loans, this is also a great resource! Based on your needs will direct you to loan information best suited for your particular situation. – SBA stands for Small Business Administration and helps individuals interested in grants or loans to start or take their business to the next level. If you run a small business this is a fantastic resource because it offers an easy to use and understand guide to government loans and grants specifically for small businesses. – If you have a disability, this is a great website that provides comprehensive resources and information on disability programs and services nationwide.

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) – Has many different programs listed and provides contact information and application information for each of them in addition to eligibility requirements.

State Human Service Agency Contacts Info and Links – If you have an immediate need for things such as clothing, food, emergency funds, or healthcare this is a great resource that can provide assistance with your needs! The agencies listed here can provide referrals to various community organizations in your city and state that might be able to help you out even in case you are not eligible for the above-mentioned benefits.