Get Help this Christmas: Learn How to Get Christmas Assistance If You’re a Low Income Family (Toys, Grants, etc)

Several options are available if you want to buy Christmas gifts and toys for your kids. Some of these programs are administered by charities, non-profits and churches. Today we’ll share some of the many ways you could get free Christmas presents and toys for your kids, cash-back deals on your shopping, and some ideas on free money that can help you pay your holiday bills, etc.

We know you want your children to have the best Christmas ever, but we also know that it could be tough and that Christmas can be an expensive and stressful time for low-income families. Besides having the popular (but not always wise) financing options available (credit cards, loans, etc) there are many other organizations and opportunities available to you!



There are non-profit organizations, charities and businesses that offer free money and Christmas grants

Below is a list of organizations, resources and charities that sometimes offer free Christmas toys, gifts, etc to children of low-income families.

Churches in your area

Go online an find all the churches within a 5-7 mile radius of your location. Call them. Some of them may have holiday programs that help with money and purchasing of toys and presents for Christmas. Or they may have a donation program for the area where you live.

Salvation Army

Programs such as Angel Tree from Salvation Army. Also, some big toy retailers such as Toys R Us make contributions to charities.

Military Stations & Organizations

Toys for Tots is one of the best-known programs and is in-part run by the Marine corps. A lot of the military bases and groups have a campaign similar to Toys for Tots. To get more info, get in touch with your local Salvation Army or nearest military installation. You should get information on any free assistance that is provided.



Cash-back deals

If you shop at stores such as Best Buy, Walmart or Target you can receive free cash back on your purchases (ranging from 2% all the way up to 10%). Signing-up is free and these deals are offered by companies such as Inbox Dollars, etc.

Family or Friends

Don’t be shy to ask them for help. That’s what family and true friends are all about – to help in times of need. Today they will help you, tomorrow you will help them.



Non-profit organizations

The famous Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, St.Vincent De Paul and others all run special Christmas assistance programs. Find them in your area and call them.

Thrift stores and clothing closets

Low-income consumers may be eligible for free gifts, toys or clothes offered by these non-profits during the holidays. Some may even offer things like money or vouchers so that you can purchase exactly what you were looking for at their shop.

Swallow Your Pride

We know that asking for help is not the most pleasant feeling in the world, but if you have little kids or other family members you need to provide for, put them first and don’t worry about the rest. Few years from now things can be much better financially, and you will be the one helping!

Here’s to an amazing Christmas to you and your family!