Automatic Disqualification from Eligibility for Section 8 Housing

Because the application process for Section 8 housing assistance doesn’t require a criminal background check, many wonder whether a felony conviction will have an influence on Section 8 eligibility. The short answer is it depends.

The biggest factor concerns the type of felony in question. Those automatically disqualified from eligibility for Section 8 housing include any felon:

– Required to complete lifelong registration on the sex registry list

– Convicted for the production or sale of drugs, particularly methamphetamines, at or near public housing facilities



If either of the above describe your criminal history, you are permanently ineligible for Section 8. However, that doesn’t mean that all other felons are guaranteed approval. Most felonies will be considered individually on a case-by-case basis. Time since conviction and successful completion of rehab are factors which can increase your chances.

One more important thing to remember is that your potential landlord is permitted to run certain checks in addition to those required by the local housing authority such as a credit check or a background check. His or her credit check and background check, as well as personal renting restrictions may disqualify you from renting that particular unit, even if you are eligible for assistance. 

We HIGHLY recommend that you check your most recent Credit Score & Report to make sure that there are no errors , etc! The last thing you want is a problem in your credit check you weren’t even aware of that can prevent you from renting a particular unit.  Access and review your Credit Score & Report now, and clear up any problems before it’s too late!