Assistance for Low-Income Citizens: Get High-Speed Internet & Personal Computers for Next to Nothing

In spite of a weak economy, a number of initiatives in both the private and the public sectors are providing affordable, high-speed broadband internet access to low-income Americans numbering in the millions. Among those responsible for the initiatives are the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), a wide range of internet providers, and government and non-government funding agencies.

Integral internet

Although the internet is still a relatively young medium, it has become incredibly important for individuals living in America. Many utility companies, banks, employers and government agencies run a majority of their business through websites and mobile applications. Someone who doesn’t have access to the internet can be at a huge disadvantage when looking for a job or trying to complete other normal tasks.



Cost is becoming much less of a determining factor in whether or not a household has the internet. It is possible for low-income families to get connected to high-speed internet for only $10 per month. If internet can’t benefit you because you don’t have a computer, fret not. PCs equipped with Microsoft Office software can be obtained as cheaply as $150!

Find out more

If you want to learn more about the programs available to you, contact a local branch of your region’s Community Services office. If you do not have a Community Services office nearby, other local government officials may be able to direct you to a knowledgeable party.

Completing an internet search at a computer belonging to your school or local library may also turn up the information you are trying to find. Learning how to qualify for one of these programs is easy to do. Don’t go without internet any longer.

Affordable Internet a 21st Century Priority

Even though the economy is beginning to recover from terribly high unemployment and widespread financial crisis, many people are still in bad financial shape. As a result, millions of Americans are left scrambling to make ends meet so that their cars, homes and medical care privileges are not taken away. When the creditors are knocking, it can be difficult to justify paying very much for internet access, even though it is increasingly critical to everyday life.



Internet access is vital, especially for unemployed job-seekers. Nearly 4 in 5 of the nation’s largest corporations only accept internet-based job applications. Huge employers such as Wal*Mart are among these internet-only hirers. For those who desperately need to obtain a source of income, many of the nation’s largest employers are off-limits if they do not have internet access.

When internet is unaffordable there are negative impacts on the future as well. Students without access to high-speed internet in their homes have been found to drop out of high school at an earlier rate. Dropouts are more likely to become low-income adults with a myriad of other difficulties. Dependence upon technology is increasing in prevalence throughout the workforce. Within the next decade three out of four jobs will require basic internet capabilities. If families can’t afford internet now, then they won’t be able to qualify for a majority of the available jobs.

In short, affordable internet access must become a nationwide priority if our low-income citizens are going to have the opportunity to succeed.

Behind-the-Scenes of Bringing Cheap Internet to Low-Income Families

Wide sweeping initiatives are being used to provide affordable, high-speed internet access to low-income families all over the nation. Enabling all these millions of people to log on to the web isn’t easy, however. It requires cooperation from a lot of internet providers and organizations from all over the country.

Regional and nationwide internet providers are offering inexpensive broadband and DSL access programs to families who qualify. Many are a part of the nationwide initiative called Connect2Compete, so named for the idea that future national and global influence depends on Americans’ access to high speed internet.

Since we know that internet access has positive influence on graduation rates and employability, it is no surprise that campaigning for connectivity is so important today.

There are a variety of other programs that provide cheap internet access to low-income families. Contact a local assistance office or contact your cable/internet provider to learn more.